Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Java Application on Demand

Being the geek that I am, I just love my caffein and the DeLonghi BCO70 Caffe Nabucco Espresso, Cappuccino, and Coffee Bar more than delivers!
This as good as running to your nearest Starbucks...just a lot quicker and also cheaper over the long term. Espresso, application on demand! The Delonghi makes 10 normal cups of coffee or 4 espresso's at the same time, and
you can even select the strengh of your caffein fix!

From at only $93.49, or R590 for South Africans and Euro 79. In South Africa you can buy it online from Makro for R899.00 (excl. delivery). In the UK Argos sells our coffee buddy for £49.99, which is actually cheaper than it is in the good old USA.

To have it delivered to South Africa will cost ZAR600, which make it worth your while to rather just buy it from Makro. Even though the price is cheaper in the UK, total landing cost is higher than what it would be for each individual market to just buy from a local retailer.

For once I'm happy buying from a local UK based site, since we get the benefit of the lowest cost for this great gadget.

I'm off to get another cappuccino...need a caffein fix.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Office Space - Special Edition DVD - A must for every geek!

So this might not be a gadget, but it is a must have DVD for any Geek!
The Special Edition DVD set is only available in Region 1 coding (but it is very easy to de-code your DVD player to play DVD's from any region!).

Office Space is about Geeks...with dead end jobs (actually their careers die rather early in the movie when our friends face un-employment nearly from the word Go), a cute girl...getting back at the slave factory cube farm, and then getting the girl.

Since you can't catch Office Space at your local cinema, the DVD is your only option ( you can get it on bit torrent...but I'm trying to stay legal here) is selling it for $12.99, it goes for £10.99 at (Free Worldwide delivery!). This means it will cost ZAR 117.50 for our South African and Euro 16.00 for European/Euro countries when ordering from CDWOW.
It would cost £14.50, Euros 10.75 and ZAR 78.80, respectively when ordering from, plus international delivery costs.

It makes sense for UK and international customers to rather order from, even though the basic price is lower at, the international delivery costs push it past the total cost of CDWOW - Free global delivery is wonderful!

International shopping currency conversion information provided through

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The King of Portable Media players & DVR - Archos AV 700

It seems that some hottest gadgets at the moment are MP3 players and most definitely the iPod Video. Even though the Apple iPods are sleek and the ultimate "must have" mobile media devices, I believe that there is nothing currently in the market that can compete with the Archos AV 700!

If you want to have a portable media player that does it all and more (it might as well replace DVR), then this is the gadget to get. I've got a Av700 with 100 GB memory. Now it may cost a lot more than an iPod Video, but there is just no competition, the Archos is miles ahead with regards to functionality, applications and most important to majority of mobile media shoppers, image & sound quality.

What sets it apart from the pack and the leader (iPod Video) of the pack is that it isn't just a mobile digital music or video player, but is also a DVR (that records directly from cable/satellite box, DVD player or TV, it has 100GB memory (enough for about 100 DVD quality movies), it has a large 7” LCD, it connects with ease to you Plasma screen or PC and then provide DVD quality playback.

There is also a range of accessories available.

The Archos AV 700 is available worldwide and the Archos site provide detailed information regarding each market through dedicated pages.

There is also a 40GB version available that cost substantially less than the 100GB version. sells the 40GB version for
£320 with free delivery in the UK, sells it for $509.99.

The Archos AV 700 100Gb version sells for $699.99 from in the USA. It is available in South Africa for R 7,243.00 from and in the UK from for £489.00.

When doing a price comparison through it again shows that the place to buy from is the USA based online merchants, where the prices would translate to currency converted prices of ZAR4,364 for South Africa (delivery cost will be about ZAR200), £400 for the UK (delivery at £20) and Euro 585.00 (shipping ar Euro 40)

This as handy, and as gadgetry as it gets. The Archos AV700 - All your digital media in one easy to use mobile device.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Star Wars Light Sabers - bring out the inner Jedi or Sith Lord in you

Being the big Star Wars fan that I am, and loving gadgets even more, this is a must have toy in the Global Gadget collection. I've always like old Darth Vader the his Light Saber is my "weapon" of choice.

The Force FX Light saber is fully licensed by Lucasfilm, the limited edition Force FX is fashioned in gleaming metal with a durable polycarbonate blade, and it feels like a real light saber!

The blade glows just like a "real" light saber and recorded sound effects are taken directly from the film, including power-up, idle-hum and swinging. The sounds are activated via motion sensors, which detect movement and impact.

This cool Star Wars must have collectors item (or fun toy!) is available all over the world.
You can get it for £89.95 in the UK from FireBox/CDWOW
For USA based Star Wars fans it is available through for $99.99, and in South Africa from Gadget Guru at ZAR1599.00.
As usual it is cheaper to buy from the USA based sites and just have it delivered to your international address, this would translate to a currency converted prices of £58.10 (shipping should cost about £20), ZAR633.45 (estimated international delivery costs are ZAR250) and EUR84.63 9Shipping at EUR40) for Euro currency countries.
(International shopping currency conversion and global delivery information provided by

Have fun with one of the coolest gadgets, not just globally, but also from galaxies far-far away. "May the force be with you!"
(Thanks to George Lucas for making our lives more entertaining)

Friday, December 30, 2005

Magazines available to the whole world through online subscription and download

How can you get some of the best magazines available in the USA (and some from other contries) delivered to you internationally...why just subscribe and then download them through

This must be one of the best solutions yet to hit the magazine market...magazines are all in digital format in any case before they go to print, and there are a lot of Geeks (and some other people ;-)), that would prefer receiving magazines to their Desktop instead of their post box. This also solve the big problem that a lot of international magazine readers have with subscriptions to USA absed magazines...they don't get delivered to your international address (or subscription rates are sky high to pay for international delivery).
Now you can simply subscribe to your favourite magazine (ok not all my fav's, but they have a great selection...please also do Wired!) online, quickly download the Zinio software and your subscritions will be delivered right to your PC. Easy as that!

As an example, PC World is US$19.97 for a 22 issue subscrition, that is £11.50 for the UK, €16.50 for Euro currency countries and ZAR121.50 for South African readers.

Similar solutions are seen in sites such as, that sells digital downloads of books.
But since I prefer reading magazines (more current), and magazines are usually geographically limited and not distributed or sold on an international basis (compared to books that is usually sold worldwide), is why I see Zinio as a more important solution than digital books.

So here ends this site (or is this a gadget?) review.
Enjoy your reading.

Star Wars LEGO - The ultimate geek toy

The Death Star II...the biggest and most sought after Star Wars LEGO set. This is simply the highlight of my LEGO collection (I own nearly all the Star Wars LEGO sets, past and present, plus a range of castles and ships.)

I might be a bit bias towards this specific "toy", because of my passion for LEGO, but I do believe it fit very well with most gadget lovers globally...LEGO is the "Toy" of choice and according to me the Death Star II is the ruling set in the LEGO universe. This is the dimensions of the set when built: Measures a full 25 inches (65 cm) high and 19 inches (50 cm) wide (including stand) that is a BIG LEGO set.

Even though my focus is to report on global gadgets, available from verious websites, this specific gadget is only available from LEGO's online shop. They do however have pricing in most country's currency, and delivery is available to the listed countries' addresses. Prices for a few countries are: Canada - Canadian $399.00, Australia - AU$569.95, Germany - EUR369.99, USA - $299.00 and the UK - £249.99. Delivery costs are excluded from these prices.
When comparing the prices, it might actually be worth it for shoppers outside of North America to rather order in US$ and then just pay for global delivery through way if you are in the UK the actual price would be £173.50, plus about £45 for global delivery on Priority Express service.

If you are anything like me, the moment you discover the wonders of LEGO, then you will be shopping from this site lot more. Enjoy playing with your LEGO "toys" ;-)

Cool site for international online shopping currency conversion and global delivery

In my aim to provide global gadget and online shopping information, I found This cool new site (can maybe even be called a gadget?) enables international online shoppers to view and shop any site from anywhere in the world in the shopper's selected currency. MyOrbital convert US$ (or any other currency a site might operate in) to your own currency...very cool! This takes the hassle out of manual currency conversions for international shopeprs (we have all landed on sites from other countries and in a foreing currency), with huge benefits when lookign at how much lower prices realy are in the USA. They seem to also have thought of the problems online shoppers experience with international delivery of orders and provide solutions for orders from the USA and UK.

When I enquired about the service the developers of MyOrbital also informed me that they will be launching a toolbar for both IE and FireFox soon, with all the functionality of the site built in, to enable online shoppers to benefit from MyOrbital when they visit any site directly.

So here is a review of a cool new site (an information source I will consult from now on going forward on the Global Gadgets). I will be using MyOrbital heavily for price comparison of all sites and report on the various best prices globally relavant to each country based on global delivery through their currency conversion. the way...the use of is totally free.

Adventure sport's coolest gadget

One of the coolest gadgets I recently encountered (and I'm using it none stop) is the new Polar AXN 700.
This is a true personal "computer" for adventure sports with fatures ranging from compass, altimeter, barometer, verticle ascent and descent rates, PC & Nokia phone link, plus the standard whatch and heart rate monitor features...all this in a cool and very strong, yet light Titanium body!

It seems like Polar has fixed the prices of their products worldwide, becasue i couldn't find this (or any other Polar products at lower prices when I shopped around, no real difference between countries either)

Expect to pay $399.95 in the USA from or pecialist outdoor merchants such as REI
For UK shoppers, try where it sells for £218.00.
The only place where you might be able to find it any cheaper is on eBay.

Gadget shopping all over the world

We see a lot of great blogs and sites covering gadgets, new tech, interesting stuff and cool sites. Some of my vavourites are, Gizmodo and Engadget...all great sites, but a lot of the cool stuff featured isn't always known of or freely available in a lot of places around the globe.

I think the gadget loving geeks in the USA (and else where) miss out on a lot of cool stuff that is only available in the UK and Europe...the same goes for gadgets that is limited to Asia (think all the Anime, soem games and electronics)...the reverse also applies, the rest of the world also miss out on a lot of gadgets limited to the USA.

So when I review gadgets, movies (DVD's), etc...I aim to provide global users the information to also be able to buy what ever is featured. So for example, if a gadget is only available in the USA, then I will try my best to provide information on sites that will sell to international shoppers and delivery solutions.

Gadgets, fun stuff and cool sites from around the world

Just to start off...this is what I will cover. I'm a geek and love gadgets, toys and interesting sites....a lot of them scattered all over the world (so you might not even pick up on them a lot of the time) goal is to not only show you the gadgets adn cool stuff, but also how you can buy them online.

A basic Geek Guide to cool stuff ;-)